Double Trouble Lighting



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  Double trouble is the big brother to our trouble lighting. A little more amp draw for an incredible amount of light! Trouble Lighting is what we use on the inside of all of our boats. From storage wells to floor lighting all the way to engine bay lighting, this stuff has you covered. It's available in 1.5', 4', 6', 10' and 20' sections and in red, blue, green, or white. All of our lights come terminated on each end.

Whether you're juggin', night fishing, tossing decoys, ridin' the trail, changing a tire, checking engine compartments, or need it for console lighting you are always safe with trouble lighting. It's waterproof, flexible, and easily installed and removed.

We recommend using a clear silicone epoxy when installing. 

Amp draws are as follows:

1.5'- .52 Amp @12vdc

4'- 1.29 Amp @12vdc

6'- 1.73 Amp @12vdc

10'- 2.33 Amp @ 12vdc

20'- 2.83 Amp @ 12vdc

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